Satoya took part in a large exhibition of tyres Automechanika in Dubai

ТМ Satoya is broadening its market outlet and in order to achieve this purpose it was presented at the largest tyre exhibition that was held in the Middle East – the exhibition Automechanika. This exhibition was held in Dubai from 10. 06 to 12.06. 2019.

At the stand ТМ Satoya introduced a wide assortment of tyres in all segments. Up-market models of tyres TBP and OTR were introduced directly on the stand of the company. The exhibition was visited by a wide variety of companies from Africa, The Middle East and other countries of the region. At the stand of Satoya a series of successful negotiations were conducted between the representatives of companies from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Emirates, Algeria and other countries.

The tyres produced under the trade mark Satoya are supplied to t the market of European countries and CIS countries at all segments – TBR, Agro, Flotation, Forestry, IND and OTR. All products of Satoya are certified and meet the highest standards of quality.

OTR – new range of Satoya tires

The year 2019 started for Satoya trademark with entering the qualitatively new level of its product range representation on tire market. It was expanded with OTR tires of radial construction type. The production of radial OTR tires is a complex high-tech process that requires the use of modern production facilities and experienced engineers’ involvement. Not every tire manufacturer can afford such production.

Satoya radial OTR tires are produced at modern factory, one of TOP 5 Chinese and TOP 20 World Tire Manufacturers.


Tires in 14.00R25, 16.00R25 sizes are applicable for cranes, fire rescue vehicles, trucks and have superior traction on all surfaces.

The tires are applicable for articulated dumpers, loaders, dozers, graders; have excellent traction and long service life.

The pattern ensures optimum traction and is particularly suitable for loaders and dump trucks operating in quarry or mining.

Superior sidewall cut resistance prolongs tread life. Good self-cleaning characteristics due to groove stone ejectors located between massive blocks.

Satoya OTR tires are in high demand and have a lot of positive customer reviews about mileage and wear resistance characteristics.

The tires under trademark Satoya are supplied to European and CIS markets in all segments – TBR, Agro, Flotation, Forestry, IND, diagonal OTR and now also radial OTR. All Satoya tires are certified and meet the highest quality standards.


Satoya brand is entering new market segments

Until now, the trade offers of TM Satoya were focused mainly on the TBR, OTR and industrial segments. But already in the beginning of 2019, Satoya expands its assortment matrix, introducing a new segment – tires for forestry machinery.

First of all, the most demanded sizes of tires, intended both for operation on tractor and trailed axles of machinery used in the agricultural and forestry industries, will go on sale.

MPT 007


Grip King HD



Grip King


SR 777


Feature of these tires is high quality and long service life. Designed according to modern technologies, these tires are resistant to punctures and mechanical damage, which makes it possible to use them in the logging industry.

The new 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081 is already in stock in Klaipeda

The new standard size of truck tires 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081 of the premium Satoya Grand line is already available and is ready for shipment from a warehouse in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The Grand GT-081 tire is designed for operation on smooth ground.

Tubeless tires 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081 with a ply rate PR18 are designed for loads corresponding to the load indexes 148/145. Excellent for high-speed driving, as evidenced by the index of permissible speed J. Also, the sidewall of the tire is equipped with an indicator of wear, which is a prerequisite for operating this size on public transport.

GT-081 is a premium line tire, characterized by high performance, fuel economy and a long service life.

This model comes with the EU Tire Label, which contains basic information on economy, noise and wet grip performance.

The high quality Grand GT-081 is backed by all the necessary European certificates, including Emark and Reach. Our company provides a guarantee for 3 years for the tire 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081

ASM Machinery joined the ranks of exclusive dealers Satoya

Satoya brand is rapidly entering the world tire market, continuously strengthening its position. The number of official dealers in different countries is growing every day.

The Balkans did not stay aside. The largest tire operator, ASM Machinery, has become the exclusive dealer for OTR and TBR tires of TM SATOYA in Bosnia. Agreements on exclusive rights were reached between representatives of SATOYA manufacturer and ASM Machinery at the last exhibition in Cologne – “The Tire Cologne”.

For its long and successful practice in the tire business, ASM Machinery has become an established supplier of quality tires and has won the trust of its customers. The main goal of ASM Machinery is to ensure timely delivery of quality tires and to ensure the constant availability of its range for the market in its region. Own warehouses of the company allow promptly to satisfy inquiries on tire production.

Satoya tires are  produced tires for agricultural, truck and industrial wheeled vehicles and are supplied to many countries in Europe and the CIS. In 2018 the brand has released a new line of premium truck tires – GRAND SATOYA.

New TBR tires Satoya Grand entered the market

Presented at the exhibition The Tire Cologne a new line of truck tires Satoya Grand has already gone on sale.

The release of a new line of TBR tires Satoya started in the first half of this year.

Satoya Grand belongs to the premium segment, which is directly reflected in the high quality of tires. The development of these tires was carried out using advanced technologies in the tire industry. All raw materials used for producing Satoya Grand tires are necessarily checked in special laboratories for strict compliance with quality and current standards. Manufactured tires also necessarily pass a series of tests.

The strategy of high quality for Satoya Grand tires is chosen to satisfy the needs of European customers.

A distinctive feature of the products of the new line is high mileage and wear resistance. A high level of performance is achieved due to the special geometry of the profile and specially formulated rubber compound for these tires. The undoubted quality of Satoya Grand products is confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Satoya Grand tires have certificates DOT, ECE, S-mark, INMETRO, GCC, comply with REACH requirements and have updated EU-labels. Presentation of the tires of the new line was held at the stand of Satoya within the framework of the exhibition The Tire Cologne in Cologne.

One of the representatives of the Satoya Grand line – the GD-061, available in size 295 / 60R22.5 is designed for high-speed operation on high-quality roads. Due to the use of wide ribs, the resource GD-061 is significantly increased in comparison with competitors’ analogs, and low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption.



The line includes a number of other models for different purposes:

GT-081 275/70R22.5

Tires for trailer axle

GD-068 315/70R22.5

Master axle tires

GU-022 315/80R22.5

Tires with universal applicability on the axis

GT-089 385/65R22.5

Tires with universal applicability on the axis


We‘re glad to invite you to visit SATOYA TM stand at “The Tire Cologne” exhibition, that will be held from 29.05 till 01.06.2018.

You can find SATOYA stand at hall 8, space D-071.

AGROPIESE TGR GRUP is exclusive dealer of SATOYA TM in Moldova

The year 2018 has succesfully started for Agropiese TGR Grup company that became an exclusive dealer of SATOYA tires in Moldova. As manufacturer of SATOYA tires we’re looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation with Agropiese TGR Grup in its new status.

Agropiese TGR Grup is the largest importer in Moldova of tires for different transport and vehicles. Agropiese TGR Grup offers to its customers tires with exceptionally high quality, and this is exactly what SATOYA tires are.

The tires produced under the brand name SATOYA for truck and buses, agricultural and industrial segments, are supplied to many countries in Europe and the CIS.

SATOYA GRAND is the premium-class range of TBR tires

The new premium tire range of TM Satoya for trucks and buses under the name SATOYA GRAND will be presented in the first half of year 2018.

Premium tires SATOYA GRAND is the new level of TBR tires quality. The tires are designed in accordance with advanced technologies in tire industry. Careful selection of raw materials that passed compulsory testing in laboratories for compliance with quality and standards precede the production to fully meet the demands of European vehicle manufacturers.

SATOYA GRAND TBR tire range distinguishes with particularly high mileage and wear resistance due to carefully designed tire geometry and using the specially developed tread compound.

Outstanding quality of SATOYA GRAND tires is confirmed by manufacturer’s warranty, more about terms of which you can find out from our specialists.

The tires have been successfully certified by DOT, ECE, S-mark, INMETRO and GCC, comply with REACH ACT and have the updated EU-labeling. SATOYA GRAND tires range is excellent performance and world-class quality.

The new TBR tires premium range will be presented at the forthcoming The Tire Cologne expo, 29th May – 01st June.

The first 5 sizes will become available in the nearest future:

Model Size TT/TL PR LI/SS
Grand GD-061 295/60R22.5 TL 18 150/147 K
Grand GT-081 275/70R22.5 TL 18 148/145 J
Grand GD-068 315/70R22.5 TL 18 154/150 M
Grand GU-022 315/80R22.5 TL 20 156/150 M
Grand GT-089 385/65R22.5 TL 20 164 K

Follis has participated with Satoya brand at Kuljetus 2017

The supplier of tires and spare parts for trucks – Follis has participated in the largest transport exhibition «Kuljetus 2017 Jyväskylä», that was held from 18 to 20 May at modern congress center «Paviljonki» in Finland. On its stand Follis company has presented to visitors of exhibition TM Satoya TBR tires.
Follis is the official supplier of Satoya TBR tires in Finland since 2016 and till today dynamically develops this direction. During this time a lot of positive feedback was received from company’s customers, using Satoya tires on their vehicles. Participating in the exhibition Follis plans to expand its sales market and provide to many other carriers an opportunity to use Satoya manufacturer’s quality products on their vehicles.
«Kuljetus» is the largest transport exhibition in Scandinavia that is held annually on the area of more than 20 thousand square meters. It is a specialized event in transport and logistics industry. The trucks and spare parts importers, logistic and forwarding companies meet here.