The new 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081 is already in stock in Klaipeda

The new standard size of truck tires 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081 of the premium Satoya Grand line is already available and is ready for shipment from a warehouse in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The Grand GT-081 tire is designed for operation on smooth ground.

Tubeless tires 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081 with a ply rate PR18 are designed for loads corresponding to the load indexes 148/145. Excellent for high-speed driving, as evidenced by the index of permissible speed J. Also, the sidewall of the tire is equipped with an indicator of wear, which is a prerequisite for operating this size on public transport.

GT-081 is a premium line tire, characterized by high performance, fuel economy and a long service life.

This model comes with the EU Tire Label, which contains basic information on economy, noise and wet grip performance.

The high quality Grand GT-081 is backed by all the necessary European certificates, including Emark and Reach. Our company provides a guarantee for 3 years for the tire 275 / 70R22.5 Grand GT-081